FREE Web Accessibility Webinar!

FREE Web Accessibility Webinar!

What: Free Webinar on making your web site and content more accessible to people with disabilities

When: September 24 from 10am until 4pm Eastern time

Where: On-line only (register here:

Who: Developers and other “techies” who are responsible for web-based content and want to make sure that their content is accessible to people with disabilities

Why: Increase the reach of your web-based content to people with disabilities and also meet required accessibility guidelines

Join Dennis Lembree and The INDATA Project for a full-day training on web accessibility.  Topics include: Accessibility guidelines, POUR & POSH, Design techniques (Headings, Forms, Keyboard Access, Flash, ARIA, ARIA & HTML5), Accessibility testing (Checklists, Toolbars, Manual techniques and Screen readers), Question, Answers and Resources.

Mr. Lembree has over 12 years experience in web development. He’s worked for a variety of startups as well as large companies including Ford, Disney, and now PayPal. He’s presented at conferences such as Access U, CSUN, and AHG, and has written several articles for Personal projects include (award-winning web-accessible Twitter app) and (blog/podcast on web accessibility).

Register now:

Questions:  Contact Nikol Prieto, Community Outreach Coordinator, The INDATA Project (

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