Total Control Scissors from Fiskars

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Fiskars’ Total Control® Scissors are designed to teach kids how to properly grip a pair of scissors and learn to cut. These scissors are particularly useful for people with physical disabilities that limit their use and control of their hands. Since this product features three finger loops instead of two, the scissors could also be useful for kids with Autism who may become frustrated when asking for help to learn how to grip scissors.

The Total Control scissors feature a unique three-loop handle design that teaches proper finger positioning. A safety-edge blade and blunt-tip blades reduce the risk for a child to accidently cut hisself.  Fiskars recommends these scissors for kids three and up. Other features of the scissors are listed below.

  • #1 teacher recommended brand
  • Three-loop handle design teaches proper finger positioning to help kids learn how to cut
  • Innovative safety-edge blade features a safer blade angle to protect kids while still cutting all classroom materials
  • Accommodates right- and left-handed users
  • Available in red, blue and green
  • Limited-lifetime warranty

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