Focus 14 Blue

Image Courtesy of Freedom Scientific

The Focus 14 Blue can be used to control your PC and enter Contracted Braille. Advanced navigation features allow for fast movement through documents with efficient hand movements. It combines a responsive 8-dot keyboard with both USB and Bluetooth connectivity in a pocket-sized design. You can read text messages, navigate your smartphone screen and enter text – and you can do all of that without taking your phone out of your bag. Since it uses Bluetooth or USB connectivity, you don’t have cords to deal with. This device gives people who are blind or visually impaired the ability to read their smartphone silently without using VoiceOver. Other features of the product are listed below.

  • smooth, paper-like feel
  • Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity
  • convenient thumb key panning buttons and NAV rockers
  • USB connecivity
  • battery charger via USB
  • works with JAWS BrailleIn for Contracted Braille input for Windows
  • works with Apple iOS devices
  • carrying case
The Focus 14 Blue is made by Freedom Scientific. The mission of the company is “to develop, manufacture, and market technology-based products that provide equal access to information and computing for those with vision impairments or learning disabilities.” The company creates products for people with low vision and blindness.
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