Fleksy for iOS

Imagine texting on an iPhone without being able to see it. Fleksy allows users to type text on the familiar keyboard layout, by tapping on the screen. According to Flesky.com, ” our patent pending technology does not need accuracy – just tap on the screen and Fleksy will automatically detect the text you meant to enter – even if you have missed every single key”.

“It is like nothing you have used before”.

“The current Fleksy app gives a demonstration of the technology. It also lets a visually impaired user purchase the full version to send the text as an SMS message, or as an email, or to copy the text to use in another app on the phone”.

It’s free to download from the app store. If you like using the app you can purchase the upgraded version for even more auto correct features.

You can watch a demo of this ridiculously cool app here.


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