Adaptable Toys

Holiday season has begun! Before you know it Christmas will be here. Why not start searching for Christmas presents early and avoid all the holiday shopping chaos? Here are a few fun Christmas ideas from EnableMart for people with visual impairments or mobility issues:

1. The Etch-A-Sketch Switch Adapted retails for $209.95. This game has four built-in switches that allow users to draw in any direction they choose.  This product was specially adapted with switches that make it easier to draw beautiful pieces of art. The switches can move up, down, left, or right with complete ease.

Photo courtesy of Enablemart

The arrows make it easier to control the device, while still playing with a timeless classic.  Once you are done creating your masterpiece, you simply shake it and you are ready to start your next work of art. This toy features unlimited sketches and helps stimulate creativity and promotes hand/eye coordination.

2. The Braille Bingo Board retails at $9.95 This game is designed for people who are blind or have visual impairments and is perfect for classroom activies or Friday game nights.

Photo courtesy of Enablemart
  • Raised black letters on left side
  • Raised black numbers on right side
  • Brailled symbols below the letters and numbers
  • Markers are included with each board.

3. Jumbo Braille Dominoes set features raised, tactile, black colored dots to help easily identify the blocks each player has.

Photo Courtesy of EnableMart

Each domino measures 1 inch by 2 inches. This makes them easy to handle and play with. The Jumbo Braille Dominoes set from EnableMart is retailed at $12.95.



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