Block Out Time for Block Play

Block play is important for any child, no matter the age or ability. According to this article from Parenting Science, “Blocks can function as powerful learning tools. There is also evidence that complex block play is linked with higher mathematical achievement.” Studies suggest toy blocks can help children develop: Motor skills and hand-eye coordination Spatial […]

EyeGaze Foundations Bundle

Last week I covered the HeadMouse Extreme, which is a device that allows users to control their computers and AAC devices via head movements.   The EyeGaze Foundations is comparable to the HeadMouse by the fact that it is a substitute for a standard mouse.  However, instead of controlling computers via head movement, EyeGaze allows users to control […]

Snow Portable Video Magnifier

The Snow Portable Video Magnifier is an assistive technology device that is useful for people who are Blind or have low vision. This high-powered magnifier features 10 color contrast modes, large easy-see buttons, a writing stand for journaling or signing documents and the ability to connect to your television for larger magnification. This lightweight magnifier […]

IntelliKeys USB

IntelliKeys USB is an intelligent, programmable keyboard that provides access to the computer for people who have difficulty using a mouse or standard keyboard. It enables users with physical, visual, or cognitive disabilities to easily type, enter numbers, navigate on-screen displays, and execute menu commands. This assistive technology device is a versatile enlarged keyboard that […]

Clarity AltoPlus Digital Extra Loud Big Button Speakerphone

The AltoPlus amplified corded telephone is a telephone solution for those with mild, moderate and severe hearing loss. This assistive technology device has ergonomic volume and tone control, so it’s also useful for people with arthritis. It amplifies incoming sounds up to 53 decibels and outgoing speech up to 15 decibels. The phone also has an […]

Clarity AlertMaster Visual Alert System

Stay connected with others as the AlertMaster™ AL10™ system visually alerts you of visitors to your home, telephone calls, activity of babies and young children, and alarm clock functions. This wireless alert system is an ideal solution for those with moderate to severe hearing loss. It’s easy to use and easy to see. Large, brightly […]