Design Software for Augmentative Communication Devices

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Augmentative communication devices are used by people who communicate differently with other people. This piece of assistive technology is a tool that features pictures and buttons. Each button corresponds with a word or phrase. These are customizable. For example, a person could select a button with a toilet and the device would say aloud, “I have to go to the bathroom?” These devices are used by people who may need assistance communicating verbally with other people.

SymPrint Overlay & Design Software was designed by an AT specialist specifically for people who use augmentative communication devices. customers It can be helpful for teachers, speech therapists, parents and caregivers. It features simple to use tools, an intuitive symbol & image search and a Microsoft Office-style toolbar that makes getting started easy! The software program allows people to create customizable buttons for these devices.

What is the value of this software?

  • More than 100 Built-in Templates
    It includes templates for all of today’s most popular AAC devices & classroom tools.
  • Use our Images or Your Own
    You can choose from the 12,000+ symbols included in both color and black & white. You can search terms & keywords for each of them.  It also includes a library feature that allows you to add new images and symbols to a convenient folder for easy access. It also include pre-designed templates.

This device is available from EnableMart.

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