GoTalk 20+, an augmentative communication device

The GoTalk 20+ is easy to use, lightweight and rugged picture communicator featuring 20 super sensitive 1″ x 1″ message buttons with easy sequential recording, an option for whole level erasing and built-in overlay storage. This assistive technology device is useful to make communication easier for people who have challenges communicated verbally.  It’s one of […]

GoTalk 20+

Augmentative communication devices can be useful for people who have difficulty speaking or communicating verbally. Assistive technology devices can help people communicate more convenienetly. The GoTalk 20+ is an example of an augmentative communication device. This assistive technology device is a lightweight and rugged picture communicator featuring 20 super sensitive 1″ x 1″ message buttons. […]

QuickTalker™ Communication Device

Some people disabilities may communicate differently and an augmentative communication device can be helpful. The QuickTalker Communication Device is an easy-to-use, go-anywhere communicator lets students be ready to start communicating in minutes. QuickTalker Communication Devices are a fun solution for beginning communicators. Multiple levels allow the ability to pre-record different sets of messages and easily […]

Design Software for Augmentative Communication Devices

Augmentative communication devices are used by people who communicate differently with other people. This piece of assistive technology is a tool that features pictures and buttons. Each button corresponds with a word or phrase. These are customizable. For example, a person could select a button with a toilet and the device would say aloud, “I […]

iPad App, TouchChat, Serves as Augmentative Communication Device

TouchChat is a full-feature application for the iPod and iPad. It turns your Apple product into an augmentative communication tool, a device that uses visual images to represent words so people who can’t speak have a way to communicate. Augmentative Communication devices use simple pictures to illustrate words or phrases the user would like to […]

Using iPad, iPod, and iPhone for Speech Language Pathologists

The iPad has revolutionized the augmentative communication world and the way Speech Language Pathologists deliver articulation and language therapy to students. Despite easy access, speech pathologists need to know the range of applications, how to judge and apply the available technologies, and how to integrate the application into the world of learning. The Indiana Resource Center for Autism, […]