FLOTE Tablet Stand

Studies show that holding a tablet for a long period of time may cause pain and fatigue.  In order to avoid this, many will purchase cases designed to prop their tablets, but this is very seldom an ergonomic solution.  Furthermore, tablets provide countless benefits to the world of assistive technology, but how can tablets become even more accessible?


Due to the prevalent use of these devices for daily activities, there are several tablet stand options currently available; however FLOTE™ is one engineered unlike any other stand on the market as it enables you to adjust virtually any tablet’s position effortlessly.  It is referred by many as a work of art due to its sleek design and sophistication comparable to the technology it supports.  Though the stand adjusts with ease, it remains stable and balanced and is universally compatible with most tablets with or without a case.  For more information on this distinctive stand created with high-quality metals to last a lifetime, be sure to check out their website here.

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