Tablet computers and apps for the holidays!

In part two of our recent, 4th annual assistive technology holiday shopping show, our friends at Bridging Apps listed their top suggestions for anyone considering a tablet computer for someone as a holiday gift. Here is what they suggested. Top tablet recommendations : iPad mini: The iPad mini is very easy to use, has many […]

FLOTE Tablet Stand

Studies show that holding a tablet for a long period of time may cause pain and fatigue.  In order to avoid this, many will purchase cases designed to prop their tablets, but this is very seldom an ergonomic solution.  Furthermore, tablets provide countless benefits to the world of assistive technology, but how can tablets become […]

Books without boundaries

Currently, fewer than five percent of the books needed by people with print disabilities are available in digital text or in Braille text formats. One online library , Bookshare, has a mission to raise the level of access of reading materials for those who have print disabilities so that they too can have a wide […]