The Hand Glider

Styluses and tablets are great in terms of making many things accessible to individuals with disabilities.  Many users have difficulty writing and drawing on tablets with their “hands in the air” (to avoid unnecessary markings on the screen.  Further, writing in such a position is unnatural, fatiguing and awkward, and may ultimately hinder an individual from completing tasks on a tablet.

Is there a possible solution to this?  How might I be able to write and draw on my tablet more ergonomically?  The Hand Glider is a comfortable glove-like accessory designed to help tablet users start writing, drawing and painting on their tablets in a natural writing position.  After testing many fabric samples and creating numerous prototypes, the Patented Hand Glider was created.  While wearing this accessory, the tablet will not detect your hand while it’s resting on the screen, but only the desired areas you choose.

Main Handglider Photo2 (1 of 1)

For more information on the Hand Glider click here.


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