The Sixth Digit Stylus

Josh Smith is a mechanical engineer from Virginia Tech and is also the founder of Handizap.  Handizap’s goal is to “create products to help make the lives of the disabled a little easier.”  The company’s flagship product, coined the “Sixth Digit Stylus,” is unlike any other stylus currently on the market. The original Sixth Digit prototype […]

5 styluses for those with mobility impairments

I have already covered a myriad of topics for both Android and iOS mobile apps.  As stated in several of these blogs and other sources, smartphones and tablets have already proven beneficial for many individuals with autism, learning and cognitive disabilities, mobility impairments and so much more.  However, several individuals still struggle operating the touchscreens found on these […]

The Hand Glider

Styluses and tablets are great in terms of making many things accessible to individuals with disabilities.  Many users have difficulty writing and drawing on tablets with their “hands in the air” (to avoid unnecessary markings on the screen.  Further, writing in such a position is unnatural, fatiguing and awkward, and may ultimately hinder an individual […]