TalkRocket Go: iPad app helps people speak

MyVoice Inc., the creators of  RocketKeys — an application that allows users to customize the keyboard for their specific needs — also offers TalkRocket Go, an application used around the globe as a communication aid for children and adults with speech and language disabilities.

TalkRocket Go quick features:

  • A simple tap-to-talk application
  • Oversize buttons (good targets for both small and large fingers)
  • Bright, engaging colors to encourage participation
  • Large, high-contrast text, easy to read
  • Vivid, personalized pictures make the perfect visual symbol

With these features…

  • It is fully customizable for you and your specific interests/needs.  Quickly create the vocabulary that fits you by adding your own phrases with a single tap, and enhance vocabulary by snapping a picture or choosing any photo in your gallery.
  • TalkRocket Go comes with comprehensive support for Bluetooth switches, keyboards, buttons and wheelchair interfaces, making it totally accessible.
  • “Locabularies” allows you to add your own Places (vocabulary groups that jump to the top of the list based on GPS.)  For instance, if you’re at a movie theatre, get phrases to order tickets or popcorn and a drink.   If you’re at the coffee shop, your favorite drink will automatically show at the top.  Or if you’re at school, you can have the name of your classmates, teachers, etc., readily available.  Other AAC products require you to search through an entire vocabulary to find the correct words, but this application finds the phrases you want, where you need them.
  • The application is financially accessible and is available for purchase on the App Store for $99.  It is the most affordable communication aid available in its category.  Even with the price of an iPad, it’s just 6% of the cost of outdated $10,000 hardware devices with fewer features.
  • There are many barriers to communication for individuals with speech disabilities, but language shouldn’t be one of them.  TalkRocket Go is currently available in French with many world languages coming soon!

For further information on TalkRocket Go visit MyVoice’s website here.

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