Nimble: Magic at your fingertips

Every day it seems as though more and more devices are being designed with the convenience of portability in mind.  There has been an epidemic of wearable devices hitting the market this past year, and the numbers only seem to be increasing.  There are several wearables already available in the form of headbands or wristbands that allow the user to control applications or appliances in the home. Now there is a ring-like device called the Nimble, which gives users the power to control their computer applications and more with the simple swipe of a hand.

Nimble is a flexible ring-shaped, gesture-Nimble gesture control devicecontrol device that fits comfortably on the wearer’s fingertips.  The technology has been compared to that of Leap Motion, but is dissimilar due to its increased range and improved accuracy.  According to the Indiegogo campaign site, “Sub-millimeter accuracy paired with incredibly low latency makes Nimble the ideal gesture control system, and the hardware expansions allow for up to eight users, which is more than any competitor.”

Here are 3 key features of Nimble:

  • High accuracy: works exactly like you want it to; tracks even the smallest of movements.
  • Long range: Nimble helps operate your smart devices from as far as 15 feet away!
  • High speed, low lag: the device operates smoothly, delivering a satisfactory experience during gameplay or any other computer activities.

With its high-speed accuracy and low latency, there are no buttons, joysticks, or gloves required–just a Nimble, which enables your hand to become the controller.  Because it is so intuitive, it is able to be integrated into your everyday life outside of your computer applications.  With the swipe of your hand, you can change the TV channel and volume, or even dim the lights!

In addition to receiving the Nimble, users will also receive an application for home automation where their PC will act as a Bluetooth or Wifi hub.  Once connected, Nimble can be programmed to connect with an endless number of other gadgets and technologies, making these devices more accessible.


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