AudClick 2 Amazon alexa

AudClick 2 Amazon Alexa Enabled Portable Speaker

If you’re looking for a hands-free way to listen to music and more, check out the AudClick 2 Alexa Enabled Portable Speaker. You can pair your own smartphone or tablet to this portable speaker and access Amazon’s Alexa Voice Control. Once your mobile device is paired to the speaker, you’ll be able to stream music […]

iluv bubble gum true wireless earbuds example

iLuv Bubble Gum True Wireless Earbuds

Looking for a new, affordable pair of earbuds to listen to music and more on your computer or mobile device?  Check out iLuv Bubble Gum Wireless Earbuds. These earbuds seamlessly pair to devices using Bluetooth 5.0 technology.  Additionally, you can pair them to your device in one simple step: simply take the earbuds out of […]

Gaining Independence through the Internet of Things

INDATA specializes in connecting people with disabilities to assistive technology that can improve their lifestyle and increase their independence. Next week’s free, full-day training session on Friday, August 31 will go one step further by showing how this technology can connect to the world around them. The upcoming training session will introduce attendees to the […]

Clarity XLC7BT Bluetooth Extra Loud Cordless Phone

Clarity is a company on a mission to create “smart communication solutions to help individuals who are hard of hearing live richer, more engaged lives.”  It is a leader in amplified telephones, notification systems, and assistive listening devices.  One example of their amplified telephones is the Clarity XLC7BT Amplified Bluetooth Phone.The Clarity XLC7BT allows users […]

Blue2 Bluetooth Switch

AbleNet Inc. is a “world leader in assistive technology, curriculum, and services to help individuals with disabilities lead productive and fulfilling lives.”  They offer a vast portfolio of assistive technologies designed specifically for individuals with disabilities.  One of their products is the Blue2 Bluetooth switch. The new Blue2 Bluetooth switch provides single or dual switch access […]

HearAll Cell Phone Amplifier

Last week I wrote about the High Definition Corded Telephone HD-70, which is an amplified desktop phone with Bluetooth connectivity.  If you’re looking for a more portable solution to better hear your smartphone, look no further than the HearAll Cell Phone Amplifier!  The HearAll allows users to communicate on their smartphones even in the noisiest […]