SnapType for Occupational Therapy version 2.0

A couple months ago, I wrote about SnapType, a free iPad application that helps individuals who struggle with handwriting.  Last week, the developer released version 2.0, offering several new features.

10 new and improved features in version 2.0:

  1. Import images from your deviceSnapType 2.0
  2. Email and print from directly within the app
  3. Crop images
  4. Rotate images
  5. Work in landscape mode
  6. Choose between multiple text colors
  7. Store and work on more than one document at a time
  8. Convert images to black and white for better printing
  9. Share your creations as an image or PDF
  10. Share your creations as a SnapType document, which allows others to open and edit them on their devices

Check out what people are saying to Amberlynn Gifford, the woman who made this app a reality:

“Dear Amberlynn, thank you so much for creating this app. You have changed the way my 12 year old son with dyspraxia functions in school. He is more independent and I cannot thank you enough. Please continue to help kids like my son. You are changing lives. Thank you.”

“I just wanted to personally thank you for creating it, as this is an app that I use nearly every day with my son to do his homework. You have created an app with a simple interface, but with an incredibly powerful impact. Thank you.”

SnapType 2.0 remains free, but there is an in-app purchase available for power users: SnapType Pro for $4.99.  The Pro version enables users to work on multiple documents and also access the whiteboard feature which turns documents into simplified black and white images, to save ink when printing.

Have an Android device?  The developer is already working on an Android version.  Follow SnapType on Facebook or Twitter to receive updates!

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