Inpris’s UpSense Super Braille Keyboard

Touch screens on tablets and smartphones are sleek and often convenient to most users.  However, for individuals with visual impairments, they tend to be quite a challenge.  Inpris is an Israeli technology company addressing blindness and touch screen technology by creating an “eye-free” experience for mobile devices.  Upsense keyboardTo do this, they have created the UpSense Super Braille Keyboard, “a keyboard with an added richness of touch.”

The UpSense Super Keyboard employs something it calls Ergonomic Motion Detection or EMD.  EMD recognizes individual fingers giving users potentially 16,000 gestures at his or her command.

The way EMD works is by identifying each individual finger, enabling users to create up to 16,000 gestures and commands, with just the use of their fingertips.  According to their website, by creating different commands using different fingers, “You can now create your own digital language and take control of any of your touchscreen devices customized to just the way you like it.”  The company also offers a mode for individuals who are already familiar with Braille typing.

In sum, the UpSense Super Braille Keyboard opens up the world of touchscreen devices to individuals who are blind or visually impaired by providing faster, richer, eyes-free touchscreen access.

To learn more on Inpris’s UpSense Super Braille Keyboard, click here.

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