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On Tuesday, I covered an app from the Center for Educational Technology called iDo Hygiene, which teaches 12 areas of personal hygiene.  The company behind iDo Hygiene also offers an iPad app to teach dressing skills called iDo Getting Dressed.

Just like the iDo Hygiene app, the iDo Getting Dressed app is also designed by professionals to benefit individuals with autism, intellectual disabilities and other special needs.  It instructs individuals through step-by-step videos and allows them to practice in a fun board game.

Oftentimes, children with autism or other special needs struggle learning how to dress.  (See alsoClothing Line Changes the Way Children with Autism Get Dressed.) The iDo Getting Dressed app is an innovative and comprehensive application for learning the most common personal dressing activities (e.g. putting on socks, shoes, preparing clothes for tomorrow, getting dressed, undressed, etc.)

ido getting dressed app

The app offers 9 units and a board game to play and practice concepts and activities related to clothing.  In each unit, users can find:

  • A step-by-step video demonstration of the activity.
  • A sequence of the task’s steps in images, accompanied by narrated text for each stage, and the option to mark the completion of each step.
  • A unique tool to create a personal sequence of the activity’s steps by taking photos within the app.
  • A tool to create a personal video of the task within the app.

9 units covered in iDo Getting Dressed:

  1. Putting on socks
  2. Putting on shoes
  3. Preparing clothes for tomorrow—Summer
  4. Preparing clothes for tomorrow—Winter
  5. Getting undressed
  6. Getting dressed for bed
  7. Girl getting dressed
  8. Boy getting dressed
  9. Getting ready before leaving the house

To learn more on this app, click here.


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