Milestone 312 Digital Book Reader

Why lug around multiple devices when one can do it all?  The Milestone 312 is an accessible digital book reader that includes a voice recorder, music player, DAISY-audio book player, text-to-speech player, FM radio, clock, alarm, and appointment calendar.  One of the Milestone 312’s “biggest” features is that it is only as large as a credit card!

The compact size and accessibility of the Milestone 312 makes it an ideal device for individuals who are blind or visually impaired.  Users can easily access all of the Milestone 312’s features through its six large buttons.

Features & Compatibility
of Milestone 312:

  • Book player: plays DAISY, NLS, and formats.milestone 312
  • Music player: high-quality playback and accepts all popular formats (MP3, WAV, AAC, WMA).
  • Voice recorder: create professional and clear voice recordings even in noisy environments.
  • Text-to-speech player: play TXT files and choose among 30 voices in 13 languages to listen to.
  • Clock, radio, alarm and appointment calendar
  • Users can increase functionality with optional add-ons and extras.
Software Extras

There are currently two software extras available to purchase separately.  They can be purchased at any time and will be activated immediately on the device.

  • Speakout: With this software extra, users can label objects such as DVDs, medicine bottles, clothing, photos, etc., then use Speakout to help identify these objects later.
  • Agenda: The agenda software extra is a powerful appointment calendar to help organize one’s daily life.

There are currently three add-ons for the Milestone 312.  Similar to the software extras, add-ons can be purchased separately and provide more functionality to the Milestone.

  • Fame: A powerful color reader and light detector that identifies up to 400 shades and colors.
  • Woodscan Barcode Reader: The Woodscan is a barcode reader that connects via USB with the Milestone 312 and can scan barcodes and read product information associated with the barcodes.
  • CD Drive:  The CD drive add-on is lightweight and easily attaches to the Milestone 312.  Once attached, it can copy CD contents directly to the Milestone.  With this add-on, users can enjoy books, music, and more from their CDs!

To learn more about the Milestone 312, click here.

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