The Ergonomic AirObic Mouse

In previous posts, I’ve covered a handful of ergonomic products such as ergonomic keyboards and Ergotron Desk Mounts.  If individuals spend a lot of time on a computer, it is highly recommended to create an ergonomic workstation to maintain a healthy posture to prevent future health problems (e.g. arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, etc.)  airobic mouseAnother ergonomic device that could be added is the AirObic Mouse.

The AirObic Mouse features a grip-less design, which helps users maintain their mousing hand in a “beneficial neutral or untwisted posture and under the lowest biomechanichal load to reduce pressure on the median nerve.”  The mouse also features a Wrist Guard, (or the heel and sidewall), which prevents harmful flexing of the wrist.  According to its description on EnableMart, “No other mouse supports your wrist and hand.”

Features of AirObic Mouse:

  • USB with PS/2 Adaptor for Plug and Play Windows or Mac OS X operation.
  • Bionic-Track Optical Tracking System for low-maintenance, high-accuracy mousing.
  • 3-mouse button user assignable design
  • Scroll wheel for ease of internet operation
  • Lightweight, high-impact body molding
  • Detailed manual and posature recommendations
  • Also Includes: Software CD

Software CD includes:

  • The Quill Package, Windows and Mac OS X compatible
  • QuillTimer: A simple timer that counts down from one hour and 45 minutes, after which a 15 minute break is recommended to be taken (according to OSHA.)
  • The Median Nerve Challenge: A simple stretch exercise routine which allows non-diagnostic evaluation of the mobility of the Median at the time.
  • Quill Story folder containing a video footage explaining the issues of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and how the Quill system solves them.
  • Mouse Driver folder containing 3-button and scroll wheel drivers for Windows applications.

The AirObic Mouse is available for both left and right-handed individuals.  To learn more about this ergonomic mouse, click here.

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