iGuardStove: Convert your stove into a smart stove

Scenario 1:

In today’s fast-paced society, it seems as though we’re always in a rush.  We’ve been spoiled with smart technologies that provide us with instant notifications of texts, emails, and other miscellaneous alerts.  We’ve grown accustomed to everything being so instant and easy that we may neglect simple tasks, like turning off the stove.  Such negligence may result in a fire, costly smoke damage and even injury.

Scenario 2:

Your elderly mother is in good health overall, allowing her to live independently.  Throughout the day, she tends to her garden, enjoys reading, and going on walks around her neighborhood.  She does everything unaided, including meal preparation.  After all, baking and cooking were always her favorite pastimes.  However, as she’s gotten older, she begins to forget things.  For instance, she may forget where she placed her reading glasses, or she may forget something as major as turning the stove off.  This too may result in a fire, costly smoke damage and even injury.  

iGuardStove is a device that may be useful to individuals present in these scenarios and more.  iGuardStove converts your existing stove into a smart stove in fifteen minutes or less.  What makes it so smart?  Well, besides preventing stove fires and protecting one’s family, iGuardStove has many other features.


11 features of the iGuardStove:

  1. Auto timer
    • The Auto Countdown Timer controls the time that will pass once you leave the kitchen area until the device automatically turns off the stove.
      • The factory default is 5 minutes, but can be adjusted anywhere between 1 and 15 minutes depending on each user.
  2. Manual timer
    • The Manual Override Timer will control the oven for those instances when the user wants to avoid the auto shut-off feature (e.g. to cook a chicken or turkey, etc.)
    • This time can be set to a maximum of 6 hours.
  3. User history charts
    • The user history charts provide family and caregivers the number of times the stove auto shut-off is activated.
      • According to their website, “This is a very useful feature that can demonstrate any deterioration in the memory of the user over a period of time.”
    • The servers retain the data for 12 months
  4. Late night lock out
    • With this feature, the stove can be locked or disabled during certain times of certain days of the week.  This feature is available for both auto and manual timers.
  5. Child Safe Feature
    • The new Child Safe Feature helps when children or other individuals have learned to turn the stove knobs.
      • “By default, if the stove knob is turned, the iGuardStove will allow the stove to energize.  If you activate the Child Safe feature when the stove knob is turned, the stove will not energize unless the ‘CONFIRMATION’ button is pushed on the control panel.  This is a simple way to lock the stove from curious hands.”
  6. Emergency button
    • The emergency button (present on the control panel) allows for users to summon help quickly.  This can be configured to contact loved ones, caregivers and other support staff to quickly help when needed.
  7. Adjustable sounds and strobes
    • The default settings of the device involve it beeping every moment after the unit has had to shut off automatically.  This feature is enabled to (hopefully) remind a person that the stove was in use and to return to the kitchen.
    • The device also features a small LED strobe light that will flash simultaneously with the beeper, helping those with hearing impairments.
  8. Auto email of data
    • This feature automatically sends data about the auto shut-off feature frequency to caregivers and family at a time selected by the main user (e.g. daily, weekly, or monthly.)
  9. Smartphone notifications
    • Notifications and SMS Text alerts can be sent to your email or phone to let you know if the user is having difficulties with the operations of the stove, or is in need of immediate assistance.
  10. Multiple device access
    • The admin account may be used for caregivers and family to monitor several devices at multiple locations from their desktop.
      • “One caregiver can look after as many devices as they want.  This saves a lot of time that would normally be spend [sic] driving to each location in order to make changes to the settings.  Individual families can also access only their family member’s account from that multi-account using a guest login.”
  11. Upgradable firmware
    • Whenever iGuardFire comes up with new features or software modifications for the iGuardStove, the firmware can be updated using the internet.

To learn more about the iGuardStove, visit the iGuardFire website.

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