iSEQUENCES: educational app teaches social habits and emotions

For individuals on the autism spectrum, learning social habits and emotions may be rather challenging.  Over the past few years, several apps have been developed to help teach these skills to said individuals.  One of these apps is iSEQUENCES, which is available for both iOS and Android devices.

iSEQUENCES allows children to practice 100 different sequences about daily situations, some examples including:

  • Everyday routines: brushing teeth, washing hands, getting dressed, going to bed, etc.
  • Fun activities: going to the movies, a sporting event, going to the beach, etc.
  • Potentially common scenarios: riding the bus, going to the grocery store, getting wet in the rain, etc.
  • Emotions: happiness, sadness, surprise, fear and more.

isequences app

All of the situations present throughout the iSEQUENCES app are taught by a character named Tatus and his friends.  The app can be used both as a support tool for therapy and at home as entertainment.  According to The iPhone Mom, “The concept of the app is simple enough but the six cheerful cartoon characters used in the sequencing pictures make the presentation fun and engaging for children.”

Features of iSEQUENCES

  • 100 exercises introducing children to a situation, then asking the children what will happen next.
  • 60 exercises displaying social situations, with the children being asked how they think the characters should feel in that situation.
  • New options that are highly configurable to better adapt the app to each child.
  • Selection of the exercises either manual or automatic by level of difficulty and type of exercises.

To learn more or to download the app, visit iTunes or Google Play.

Wanna try the app before you buy it?  Check out iSEQUENCES LITE!