6 Toy Ideas to Encourage Language–Part 3: Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Welcome to part 3 of the Holiday Gift Guide!  If you haven’t checked out the first 2 parts, be sure to check ’em out!  The first post discussed 8 different toys that could benefit a child’s auditory development, and the second covered 6 toys to practice motor skill development!  In today’s post, I’ll provide you with 7 fun toys to encourage language skills.

Language is noted to be one of the most challenging areas of development for individuals with special needs.  It not only involves speaking, but also reading and writing.  If you’re wanting to find toys to encourage language development, here are a few ideas!

7 Toy Ideas $30 and Under:
Language Development

1. Apples to Apples—Kids Edition, $14.99

7 years and older

Whenever my family or friends gather, we usually stuff our faces with food, relax, and enjoy each other’s company by playing fun party games.  One of my most favorite games to play is Apples to Apples, the game of hilarious comparisons.   Mattel also offers this popular game in Kids and Junior editions for younger players (7+).

The Kids version is specifically designed for beginning readers.  It helps develop active cognitive thought processing as children determine which card they’re holding best describes the card in play.  Children and adults alike will have fun playing this game for hours!

  • Easy-to-learn and play
  • Interactive play fun for all ages!
  • Promotes teamwork
  • Increases vocabulary
2. Melissa & Doug Medical Doctor Role Play, $29.99

Ages 3 and up

Children will have fun playing pretend doctor with this Medical Doctor Role Play Set.  The set includes a face mask, stethoscope, reflex hammer, ear scope, syringe, lab coat, and customizable name tag.

  • Interactive, hands-on play pretend sparks communication and creativity!
3. My First Smart Pad–The World of Eric Carle, $29.99

Ages 3-7 years

Though childhood was quite some time ago for me, I’ll forever remember the vibrant, unique illustrations presented in Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  Now there are more books by the same author available in this My First Smart Pad set!

  • Teaches:
    • Spelling
    • Alphabet
    • Opposites
    • Animal habitats, sounds, and sizes
4. uKloo: Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game, $15.99

Ages 4 and up

What better way to introduce reading to the kiddos than through a fun game!?  “The excitement of finding hidden clue cards and running around the house on a treasure hunt is so engaging that kids are reading without even realizing it!”  When children have trouble with a word, they are encouraged to look up the word themselves and with the help of a Picture Helper Poster.

  • Fun game encourages reading!
5. New Sprouts Munch It! My Very Own Play Food, $24.99

Ages 2 and up

This 19-piece set helps children develop and refine listening, language, sequencing, color identification, problem-solving and cognitive skills.

  • Encourages pretend play
  • Builds vocabulary
6. LeapFrog My Pal Violet, $24.99

Ages 6 months-3 years

The LeapFrog My Pal Violet is a plush interactive educational toy.  Simply connect Violet to a computer and customize the music she plays and personalize learning with your child’s name and favorite food, animal and color.

  • Teaches
    • First words (shapes, colors, animals, etc.)
    • Number names and counting
    • Feelings

This list is only a handful of exciting gift ideas for the little ones.  To find more toys encouraging language development, click here!


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