SwiftKey Symbols: symbol-based communication app

Over a year ago, I wrote about four different assistive keyboards available on iOS devices.  The first keyboard I mentioned in the post was SwiftKey, a free keyboard app that adapts to the user.  More recently, the same company has released SwiftKey Symbols, a symbol-based assistive communication app.

The Symbols keyboard is currently only available for Android devices and is “targeted at (but not limited to) young, non-verbal individuals with special needs.”  Further, the beta app was developed to facilitate communication between individuals with autism (or other disorders) and their caregivers.

A lot of the current communication tools on the market are often too slow to select a particular image a child might choose.  We realized that SwiftKey’s core prediction and personalization technology–which learns from each individual as they use it–would be a natural fit for people on the autistic spectrum who respond particularly well to routine-based activity…

It utilizes the same prediction technology found in the original SwiftKey.  It also learns the pattern of each unique user to predict the symbol he/she will most likely use next, ultimately saving time and benefitting “individuals with learning disabilities to communicate faster and more easily.”

Features of SwiftKey Symbols Keyboard:

  • Audio playback
  • Symbol sentence builder and next symbol prediction
  • Ability to add custom photos as categories or individual symbols
  • Day and time specific predictions
  • Runs on Android smartphones and tablets

To learn more about the SwiftKey Symbols app, check out their blog or check it out on Google Play!

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