Yum-Yum Letters: new handwriting app

Many developers have been designing apps to encourage handwriting development.  A newer example of such an app is Yum-Yum Letters by Kindermatica Ltd.  If you’re wanting a fun app to teach your kiddo how to write his/her letters, check out Yum-Yum Letters!

Yum-Yum Letters features cute characters like a plump yum-yum letterscaterpillar or cheery snowflake which help trace letters. The app is “so cheery and full of positive reinforcement and encouragement, kids will view tracing as a game.  They have a choice of scratching out letters on a frosty window or munching through alphabet imprinted leaves to get to a shiny red apple.”

After your child finishes tracing a series of letters, he/she will receive a reward which may be helping the caterpillar transform into a butterfly, or making a snowflake from jewel-like ice crystals.  Children have so much fun with these mini-games, they don’t even realize they’re working on their motor skills and the control they need to write!

Features of Yum-Yum Letters:

  • Friendly animated characters serve as guides
  • Multi-sensory auditory and visual feedback while writing
  • Generous praise for each attempt
  • Creative themed games to celebrate accomplishments
  • No grades or penalties for mistakes
  • Inviting graphics, music, and professional voiceover keep the mood upbeat
  • Groups of letters based on similarity of strokes and difficulty
    • Dedicated easy mode for beginners and children with special needs that uses maximum prompts for each of 3 tries
  • Detailed progress reports to track the status of each letter (studied, learned, not attempted), number of tries and mistakes and uses data to reorder letters for additional practice



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