Articulation Carnival

Learning and practicing articulation in English can be dull and challenging for many individuals.  A certified speech-language pathologist noted this and was inspired to develop a more exciting way for children to learn and practice articulation.  The Articulation Carnival app motivates children to practice articulation at the word, phrase, and sentence levels.  The app also makes practicing speech sounds more flexible for parents and speech therapists!

According to Virtual Speech Center, the developer’s website, “It is the most fun articulation app on the market.”  Children will be motivated to practice different speech sounds since they’ll be rewarded with tokens for each correct production.  Once they earn enough tokens, they can play one of the four carnival games included in this app.

Articulation Carnival Games Include:

  1. Basketball Free Throw
  2. Balloon Darts
  3. Duck Spraying Game
  4. Hammer Game

To help children practice articulation, the app features thousands of images accompanied by professional audio recordings.  The Pro version is fully customizable and allows speech-language pathologists to add their own images, text and audio.  It also allows them to edit the list of targeted words prior to each session and select or deselect words for therapy.

articulation carnival app

The app is easy to navigate and allows users to employ several tools to perform the following:

  • Add additional photos and audio recordings
  • Enter multiple students
  • Select multiple phonemes for each student
  • Save selected phonemes for next sessions
  • Select alternate counts for multiple students
  • Enable or disable written picture descriptions
  • Use audio recording feature
  • Track correct, approximate, and incorrect responses
  • Email results at the end of the game
  • Add notes during sessions
  • Save audio recordings from sessions
  • Shuffle pages for each session
  • Customize sounds for correct, approximate, and incorrect responses
  • Configure rewards for each game
  • Enable or disable game background music

To learn more about Articulation Carnival, check it out on Virtual Speech Therapy’s website or visit iTunes!

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