Social Skills for Autism: Mission Rescue Kloog

The Social Skills for Autism: Mission Rescue Kloog app is designed to teach individuals with autism necessary social skills to operate “effectively and comfortably in social situations.”  I know I’ve written about dozens of social skill apps for autism on this blog, but this one is a little different from the rest.   Keep on reading to find out what’s so unique about this particular one!

The major difference that sets this app apart from other social skill apps is that it is based around a cute alien character named Kloog who crash lands onto earth.  The user will have fun helping Kloog “understand our social rules and customs and go on a journey with Kloog through our social world and learn with him as he interacts with people to get parts and fuel for his ship so he can return home.”

mission rescue kloog

The Story of Kloog:

In a galaxy far, far away lies the planet of Zoogopholis. Kloog, one of its many inhabitants, lives a happy simple life, but dreams of visiting other galaxies and exploring other civilisations. While on one of his adventures, Kloog experiences engine trouble, and crash lands here on Earth.

To his surprise, the people on this planet are anything but normal. They insist on greetings, speak in riddles, and have strange rules around interaction. While Kloog thinks this is all too weird, he needs the people of Earth to help him to repair his ship and get back to Zoogopholis.

He soon realizes that if he’s to get home, he’ll need to be social to achieve this!

Features of Mission Rescue Kloog:

  • 17 exciting quizzes to test understanding
  • “Let’s discuss” sections throughout the app to confirm user’s understanding
  • Ability to unlock funny bonus videos as they progress through app
  • New and innovative way to teach social skills
  • 17+ lesson plans
  • App is reward driven and encourages user to collect parts and fuel to help Kloog return home
  • Fun and interactive
  • 350+ informational slides
  • Available on Google Play and App Store!

To learn more about this app visit the app’s website!


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