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Looking for a comprehensive tool to help teach pre-writing skills to children?  Check out the Ready to Print app, an app developed by an occupational therapist with more than 25 years of experience.  The app features a large variety of activities and levels to help engage and build a strong foundation for beginning printers.

Ready to Print “progresses through the pre-writing skills in a specific order, so that children can master the visual-motor, visual-perceptual, and fine motor skills necessary for correct printing patterns.  It is designed to teach children the correct patterns for printing, and to avoid bad habits that are difficult to change as the child gets older.”

The newest version of this app features 194 different levels and 13 activities.

Features of Ready to Print App:

  • It provides many activities for pre-writing skills
  • Specially designed with a progression of skills that work towards correct printing patterns
  • Ability to change size settings to match each child’s skill level
  • Progresses from larger hand movements to smaller, more refined movements
  • Ability to choose which activity and level to begin on
  • Many user profiles allowed, and remembers skill settings and tracks progress for each unique user
  • With iPad, user can send progress reports via e-mail directly from app (this feature not available on Android and Kindle versions)
  • Option of sound effects or professionally-recorded voice prompts
Free Ready to Print Companion Worksheets:

To further practice handwriting skills, there are 65Ready to Print Companion Worksheets available to download for free.  They feature patterns and graphics taken directly from the app.  You can download them individually by activity or download a ZIP file containing all packets in one file.  To learn more about these worksheets, click here.

Download Ready to Print for iOS, Android, or Kindle.

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