4 Fun and Functional Sensory Kits

Here at the INDATA Project, we are always writing about different products and apps to help individuals with sensory issues.  We’ve covered fidgets, sensory rooms, and much more, but we have yet to discuss sensory kits manufactured by Fun and Function.  Fun and Function is a company dedicated to creating different products to benefit individuals with special needs.

Upon visiting their website, you’ll notice many categories listed horizontally including Therapist Picks, Solutions, Calm & Focus, Sensory Regulation, Sensory Play, and more.  Under Sensory Play, you’ll find several subcategories, one titled “Kits for Sensory Play”.  For this blog, I’m going to only highlight a handful of these kits.

The company, Fun and Function, states: “We believe deeply in each child’s potential.  We never ‘label’ kids since that can be limiting.  However, we do label our products so you know what to expect!”

fun and function logo

When you see the Fun and Function Logo, you’ll know the product is:

  • Crafted with high-quality materials for safety, comfort and play value
  • Tested with real people — children, therapists, teachers, parents and grandparents
  • Designed with “thought and love” by expert pediatric therapists
  • Unique, not mass-produced

4 Fun and Functional Sensory Kits

1. Sensory Bin Kit

“Do you want a sensory table but feel nervous about the space required?  If so, the Sensory Bin Kit is just what you need!”  The Bin Kit provides the same tactile exploration and fun as a sensory table, but is portable and fits conveniently inside the bin for easy storage.  Each Sensory Bin Kit includes one bag of sensory pellets and 15 hidden animals.

  • Children will have fun feeling through the pellets trying to find the hidden animals
  • Encourages touch and shape recognition
  • Great for anyone with fine motor delays, tactile defensiveness, and sensory sensitivity
  • Ideal for classroom, home, or clinic use
2. Teen Break Box

“When students start squirming and lose focus, break out your Break Box!”  Inside the Teen Break Box, you’ll find several tools for fine motor skills, calming pressure, heavy work, tactile exploration, and hand-eye coordination.  It is designed for older children (ages 9-18) to help channel their energy, achieve relaxation, and self-regulate with minimum supervision.

  • Kit includes:
    1. Emotions putty
    2. Weighted Tie
    3. MEGA Weighted Lap Pad
    4. Hand-eye coordination scarves
    5. Pressure foam roller
    6. SensGard ZEM
    7. Tangle Therapy
    8. Weighted Tactile Beanbags
    9. Busy Fingers Marble Maze
    10. Lycra Stretch Bands
    11. Pet Massager
    12. Chewy Fidget Coil
    13. Bumpy Gel Cushion
    14. Transformer Sensory Sack
    15. Fidget Keychain Balls
  • Designed for older children ages 9-18
  • Helps channel energy, obtain a state of relaxation, and self-regulate with minimum supervision
  • Ideal for teenagers with ADHD, autism, and sensory processing disorder
3. Classroom Break Box

“The Classroom Break Box addresses sensory needs and teaches self-regulation with tools, toys, and fidgets.  An integrative way to keep kids focused in class.”  This is ideal for clinics or classroom use to help prevent “disruptive behavior by integrating the sensory motor activities throughout the day or during circle time.”

  • Standard Classroom Kit includes:
    1. Discovery Putty
    2. Pet Massager
    3. Busy Fingers Gel Fidget
    4. Fidget Keychain Balls (3 pk)
    5. Bumpy Gel Cushion
    6. Pressure Foam Roller
    7. Hand-eye coordination scarves set
    8. Noise reduction earmuffs
    9. Spaghetti chewy fidget
    10. Transformer sensory sack
    11. MEGA weighted lap pad
    12. Reggie Regulation Ruler
    13. Emotions Putty
    14. Find Me Lap Pad – At the Zoo
  • Designed for children ages 5-18
  • Helps children self-regulate with minimum supervision
  • Tools for fine motor skills, calming pressure, heavy work, tactile exploration, and hand-eye coordination.
4. Early Childhood Break Box

“This Break Box helps calm my kids down after school.  It’s been a true lifesaver for all of us!  They run to the box as soon as they walk in each day and take the toys they like best.”  This box features playful therapy tools to engage young children and helps them develop the ability to calm down, channel energy, and focus for long periods of time.

  • Early Childhood Break Box includes:
    1. Spot Markers
    2. Snapping Turtles
    3. Zipper Trainer
    4. Discovery Disc
    5. Noise-Reduction Earmuffs
    6. EMT Dressing Vest
    7. Space Explorer (red) – Small
    8. Policeman Dressing Vest
    9. Weighted Tactile Beanbags (5 pk)
    10. Find Me Lap Pad – At the Farm
  • Ideal for classrooms or clinics
  • Flexible set of tools can improve behavior and concentration for all students, especially those with specific challenges.
  • Helps self-regulate with minimum supervision


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