Pocketalker Ultra Personal Amplifier

Everyday conversations, listening to the radio or TV, and more, can be rather challenging (if not impossible) for individuals who are hard-of-hearing.  Williams Sound has developed the Pocketalker Ultra Amplifier System which amplifies sounds closest to the listener while reducing background noise.

pocketalker ultra amplifier

You may be thinking, “This sounds an awful lot like a hearing aid.”  The brochure on the Pocketalker explains the difference between the two:

A hearing aid is a “customized” medical device which amplifies all sounds.  The Pocketalker personal amplifier is used to amplify specific sounds or voices.

The Pocketalker Ultra is easy to use.  To begin using it, simply plug in your earpiece, position the included microphone near the preferred sound, adjust the tone and volume to your needs, and begin listening!

Features of Pocketalker Ultra Amplifier:

  • 200 hours of battery life
    • Comes with 2 AAA batteries
  • Adjustable tone and volume control
  • Accommodates a plethora of earphone and headphone options
  • Use with neckloops and telecoil-equipped hearing aids
  • 5-year warranty
    • 90 day warranty on accessories
Accessory options include:
  • Dual earbuds: fit comfortably into each ear for low-profile listening
  • Duo pack: regular headphones and a single earbud to accommodate different listening requirements
  • Neckloop: amplifies a telecoil-equipped hearing aid
  • Rear-wearing headphones: wrap around the back of your head
  • Wide range earphone: fits over one ear and provides the complete tone range for most accurate reproduction of sound
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