REST: 24/7 Horse Therapy

Have you ever gone horseback riding?  Did you know horseback riding offers a myriad of mental and physical health benefits?  While riding on a horse, the rider works on core strength, balance, coordination, muscle tone and flexibility.  The action of riding a horse also provides many mental health benefits: it’s calming and relaxing.  How might someone be able to reap these benefits at anytime of day or night?  Developers at GAIT, LLC have recently developed the solution: REST, or Relaxing Equine Simulator Therapy.

GAIT, LLC was founded in 2012 by two retired businesswomen.  One day, they were having a conversation that turned to the “scourge of autism in the 21st century.”  The grandson of a friend of one of those two businesswomen has autism, and she had witnessed how the boy’s behavior changed from agitated to calm after a horseback riding session.

Eventually after three years of hard work, the two women developed a device that would replicate the gait of a slow walking horse: the REST.

REST is engineered to replicate “the therapeutic value of riding a walking horse.”  It has proven to benefit many individuals, especially those with autism, ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, and more!  Check out the device’s unique features below!

PIcture of REST by GAIT, LLC at our Assistive Technology Lab.

Features of REST:

  • Design:
    • Designed, marketed, and manufactured by GAIT, LLC in the USA.
    • American made with gears, arms, shafts, and motor encased in a sheet metal frame.
    • Constructed to last a lifetime
    • Exterior surface is 100% washable.
  • Portable:
    • The REST is very portable.  To transport it, just grab the handle, and roll it on two wheels.  Or you can use both handles to lift it into your vehicle.
  • Rechargeable:
    • The REST’s rechargeable battery lasts 8+ hours, making it even easier to transport anywhere on the go!  Or, just plug the device into the wall and use it while recharging at home, school, or the office.
  • Automatic:
    • REST is activated by pressure:
      • Sit on it to start it
      • Once you stand up, it’ll stop automatically
  • Control:
    • The standard seat height is 14 inches: ideal for elementary school desks.
    • The REST also includes a seat insert that elevates it to 18 inches, which is the standard size for a lot of furniture.
    • The speed is also adjustable: it goes from slow to slower.

To learn more about this device, check out the GAIT, LLC website.

If you’re interested in trying REST out in person, schedule a tour of our assistive technology lab!

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