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By now, I’m sure you’ve probably heard of the ever popular Fruit Ninja game on the App Store and Google Play.  If not, it’s a simple game where players slice fruit while trying to avoid slicing bombs.  ABC Ninja features this same addictive concept, but adds an educational twist.

The developer of ABC Ninja stated: “I have a confession to make.  My son’s favorite game was Fruit Ninja and I was getting increasingly frustrated with having my son waste a lot of time on a fun but mindless game while he was still struggling to master his letters.”

Apps like ABC Ninja help children learn their ABCs, all while working on dexterity and more.  Further, it can also benefit individuals who struggle with visual discrimination; children who struggle with visual discrimination often mix up letters (e.g. “p” and “b”).  The developer noted his son’s letter recognition skills “have dramatically improved since he started playing this game.”

abc ninja app

ABC Ninja is a fun, educational game that helps children learn their letters by sight, sound, and touch.  It’s an ideal activity to be used as positive reinforcement or a reward once academic or therapeutic tasks have been completed.

Features of ABC Ninja:

  • Children can slice their way through all capital letters by name or phonic sounds.
  • Children can slice their way through all lowercase letters by name or phonic sounds.
  • Parents and professionals can choose what to focus on:
    • Turn individual categories ON or OFF from the settings page.
  • Fun, addictive gameplay, sounds, and colorful animations keep children engaged.
  • Three difficulty settings to choose from:
    • EASY:
      • Max 1 letter
      • Letter moves very slowly
      • Ideal for introducing letters
    • MEDIUM:
      • Starts with 1 letter
      • Gradually introduces a max of 3 letters on screen
      • Letters move 30% faster
    • HARD:
      • Starts with 2 letters
      • Max of 5 letters on the screen
      • Letters move quicker and begin rotating fast too!
  • Ability to play letters chronologically or at random (adjustable from settings page)
  • Ability to record your own audio

Check out this fun letter recognition game on iTunes!

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