7 Alligator Apps for Early Learning

Last week, I introduced a company called MyFirstApp Ltd. and a handful of their apps available for toddlers.  While I was browsing for more early learning apps, I also came across Alligator Apps.

The following is a list of seven apps available from Alligator Apps.  Many of these apps’ reviews features teachers and parents of individuals with special needs.  Each of these apps feature a user-friendly interface, a variety of activities to help keep children engaged, and more.

7 Alligator Apps for Early Learning

1. Little Writer PRO

Looking for an exciting tracing app to help teach your child or student how to write?  Little Writer PRO is jampacked with fun features that’ll make your little ones think letter tracing is a game more than a chore!


  • Support for landscape and portrait mode
  • Ability to add custom word categories
  • Custom ABC phonics category
    • Custom “A is for…” category with examples such as “A is for ant.”
  • Ability to turn categories ON and OFF on the settings page
  • Ability to customize tracing paths to work for your child’s unique needs (e.g. left-handedness, etc.)
  • All letters available in uppercase and lowercase
  • Numbers 1 to 100
  • 20 basic shapes including lines, rectangles, and more

Click here to learn more!

2. ABC Genius

ABC Genius is noted to make “learning letters fun, simple, and easy!”  It features several interactive games and activities for children of all ages.

A few examples of activities and games found within ABC Genius:

  • ABC letter tracing:
    • Fun activities designed to help your child or student master tracing letters from A to Z.
  • Spot the letter:
    • Helps your child learn to recognize both uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Matching games:
    • Helps your child match the letters to their corresponding words.
  • Draw lines to complete action:
    • Children are asked to draw lines to connect the related items such as big and small letters.


  • Ideal for early learners learning their alphabet.
  • Helps teach alphabetic, phonemic awareness, letter tracing, and much, much more!
  • Ability to select what area child needs to focus on.
  • When you first download (free) you’ll be able to play activities and games for six letters only.  More letters are available via in-app purchases.

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3. 123 Genius

123 Genius is very comparable to the above (ABC Genius) app.  However, unlike ABC Genius which focuses on the alphabet, 123 Genius teaches numbers and counting in a fun, simple way!

A few of the games and activities in 123 Genius include:

  • Counting to 10:
    • Children will have fun in this counting game where they have to count all of the items on the screen.
  • Count the Fingers:
    • Learn how to count to 10 by counting fingers.
  • Matching Game:
    • Draw lines from the presented number to the correct number of items.
  • Numbers 1 to 10:
    • Can you identify the correct number?
  • Hidden Object Game:
    • Find and count the hidden objects


  • Contains hundreds of games and activities which teach numbers and counting.
  • Ideal for toddlers and preschoolers!
  • Ability to select which area child needs to focus on.
  • Simple, user-friendly interface.
  • Available to download for free on iPad and iPhone, but more numbers and content are available via in-app purchases.

Click here to learn more about 123 Genius!

4. Counting Money and Coins

After learning how to count numbers, learning how to count money comes shortly after. Counting Money and Coins is an app that makes it easy to learn how to count different forms of money.


  • Everything is customizable.
  • Basic interface makes it easy to use.
  • Supports multiple users
    • Progress is tracked for each user.
  • More than 10 fun learning activities included.
  • Both audio and visual feedback.

Click here to learn more about Counting Money!

5. Addition Games

Addition Games is one of the most recent additions to Alligator Apps.  It features a large collection of fun activities and games to help teach children how to add.


  • Cute graphics make content more fun and engaging.
  • Everything within the app is fully customizable.
  • Variety of addition games keeps children engaged.
  • Easy to differentiate and adapt to each user.
  • Ability to track each user’s progress.

Click here to learn more about Addition Games!

6. Learning Patterns

Learning Patterns is an app that’ll help teach your child develop “critical thinking and mental reasoning skills, thus expanding a very important part of their mind.”  When playing, children will have fun learning how to recognize and complete different patterns– all with just the touch of a finger!


  • Approved by parents, teachers, and children all over.
  • Basic interface makes it toddler friendly!
  • Supports 2 modes to learning patterns:
    • First mode:
      • You decide which type of objects you’d like to use (e.g. numbers, letters, pictures, etc.)
      • Once you begin, the app will begin with the simplest patterns (e.g. ABABAB)
      • Difficulty will increase as the user progresses.
    • Second mode:
      • Allows you to focus on specific patterns and allows students to master that pattern with a huge variety of different images.
  • Several different patterns included:
    • ABABAB
    • AABBAA
    • ABBABB
    • AABAAB
    • AAABBB
    • ABCABC
    • ABCDAB
    • ABCCBA
  • More than 25 patterns and collections of items to choose from (e.g. colors, shapes, dots, balloons, fruits, animals, etc.)

Click here to learn more!

7. Toddler Preschool Workbooks

Looking for educational activities your toddler can play independently?  The Toddler Preschool Workbooks app features 9 “age-appropriate subjects and activities for kindergarten-aged children.”

Some of the workbooks and games in the app include:

  • ABC Letters: fun games help your child learn to recognize each letter from A to Z.
  • Animal sounds: helps develop listening skills.
  • Colors: these activities help your child learn to distinguish different objects based on colors.
  • Concepts: helps develop critical reasoning and analytical skills as they begin learning about essential concepts (e.g. left and right).
  • Drawing: great drawing activities and games help develop fine motor skills.
  • Emotions: fun activities help teach your child about different emotions and how to recognize them on faces.
  • Numbers: helps children learn and count their numbers up to 10.
  • Peekaboo Farm: a fun listening game where toddlers learn the sounds of animals and have to select the correct one!
  • Shapes: helps children learn to recognize and distinguish unique shapes and objects.


  • Includes hundreds of examples and activities covering basic subjects: ABCs, numbers, animals, shapes, emotions, and more!
  • Fun and engaging voice artists helps keeps children engaged.
  • Matching games are divided based on user’s skills.
  • Multi-sensory learning tool – combines seeing, hearing, and tactile feedback.

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