The Red Panic Button

Individuals of all ages and abilities can find themselves in a scary or stressful situation.  Nowadays, you can never be too alert or too safe!  Smartphones are already handy tools in case of emergencies, and now they’re even handier with the Red Panic Button app!

The Red Panic Button app is available on both Android and Apple devices.  Once it’s downloaded, you’ll be able to simply press the “Red Panic Button,” and the app will automatically send an SMS containing your current location to your emergency contacts.

Whenever individuals are in a critical situation, every second counts.  The Red Panic Button aims to make it as easy as possible to call for help when necessary.

The Red Panic Button Features:

  • The app connects in several different ways, from standard text messages to social media platforms like Twitter.  Different channels of communication include:
    • SMS Panic Message
      • When users press the Red Button, the application will automatically send your current GPS position and address (in the form of a Google Maps link) to all the numbers found in your customized panic list.
    • Email Panic Message
      • The Email Panic Message sends your current location to the people in your emergency contacts list.  The iOS platform also allows you to send supplemental information (e.g. time and place when position was taken from GPS).
      • You can also customize the body and subject of emails within the app.
    • Twitter Panic Message
      • You can also post a panic tweet to all of your friends and followers, revealing your current address and a Google Maps link.
  • The Emergency Dial:
    • More than likely, you won’t have time to select which channel(s) you’d like to communicate your emergency through.  The Emergency Dial feature has your phone dial the emergency number (your choice as it is fully customizable).  While dialing the emergency number, it’ll also simultaneously send panic messages via SMS, email, and Twitter.
  • Voice Recording:
    • You’ll be able to record a 10 second distress message if you choose.  This feature helps you get your message in a more integrated manner.
    • Once you’ve finished recording your distress call, the audio file is automatically attached to an email and sent to your contact list.
  • Quick SMS:
    • In the event of your phone being unable to obtain GPS information, this quick SMS feature works as a backup.
    • It allows you to send a quick, customizable SMS message after 30 seconds.  You can predefine a message and have it at hand to quickly send it to your contacts.
  • Remote Access:
    • The Remote Access feature makes it easier for your friends and family to locate you.  “The app comes together with a remote access feature that allows the user who received your SMS panic message to get the latest position of the device that send the message, thus closing in more on your location.”
  • Send picture:
    • The app automatically allows you to take a picture, either using the front or rear camera on your device.
    • The image will then send as an attachment in an email.
  • Send video:
    • You may also record a short video using the front or rear camera on your device.
    • The video will then send as an attachment to an email message.

Click here to learn more about the app!

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