Serene Innovations RF-200 Phone Signaler

Those who are hard of hearing may often never hear their landline or cell phone ringing.  Fortunately there are products like the Serene Innovations RF-200 Phone Signaler/Flasher to help with that.  The RF-200 Signaler/Flasher is a desktop signaling device for both landline and mobile phones.

serene innovations rf-200
Image of Serene Innovations RF-200 Phone Signaler/Flasher with smartphone (sold separately).

For cell phone use:

Simply place your cell phone (not included) on the RF-200’s cradle.  (NOTE: Make sure you have your cell phone set to vibrate with or without ringtone.)

For landline phone use:

Plug your home phone cord into the phone jack found on back of RF-200.

Once you have your desired phone connected, the RF-200 Unit will ring loudly and flash in a clockwise rotation.  Once you answer your phone, you must press RESET on the RF-200 Unit.  Failing to do so will keep the flasher lights on to indicate you’ve missed a call.

Features of Serene Innovations RF-200:

  • 2.5 mm to 3.5 mm cable included for alerting to social media messages, emails and more on computers and tablets.
  • Unique flashing patterns to distinguish between incoming calls or messages.
  • Indicator lights (mentioned above) tell you when you have missed calls or messages.
  • Detects and alerts to Wireless Emergency Alert public emergency broadcast warnings (if provided by wireless carrier).
  • Built-in USB port allows you to charge cell phone (USB cord not included).
  • Adjustable ringtone: HIGH, LOW, OFF
  • Bed shaker jack (click here to learn more about a bed shaker).
  • AC powered with battery backup (4 AA batteries not included).

What is included:

  • Phone cord
  • AC adapter
  • 2.5 mm to 3.5 mm short cable for tablets/computers
  • User guide

Click here to learn more.

View Owner’s Manual here.

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