Ruff’s House Teaching Tactile Set

While some children learn best by watching (visual learners), others require a more hands-on approach.  These tactile learners need the stimulation of touch to learn.  The Ruff’s House Teaching Tactile Set allows children to learn many skills by feeling their way through Ruff’s textured bones.

Children ages 3 and up will have fun helping Ruff find all of his bones hidden in his doghouse.  The set includes 20 bones with 10 different textures (2 of each texture).

There are several activities children can play with Ruff the dog:

  1. Where’s Ruff?
    • Children will place all the bones and Ruff the dog inside the doghouse.  They will take turns reaching in the doghouse to find Ruff.  Then, they can try to find pairs of matching bones!
  2. What’s the Word?
    • Place 10 bones inside the doghouse.  Ask children to reach inside and find a bone.  Ask children to describe the texture of the bone without looking at it.  This is a great way to encourage language development.
  3. Match Up!
    • Place 10 bones, one of each texture, inside the doghouse.  Place the other 10 on the table.  Ask children to take a bone from the table and then reach inside the doghouse to find the matching bone.
  4. What’s Inside?
    • Place all bones inside the doghouse.  Say a texture (e.g. grooved).  Have children take turns reaching inside the doghouse to see if they can find the matching bone.

Features of Ruff’s House Teaching Tactile Set:

  • Playful way to help develop sensory learning
  • 20 bones with 10 different textures:
    1. Bumpy
    2. Smooth
    3. Rough
    4. Fluffy
    5. Spiky
    6. Woven
    7. Silky
    8. Ridged
    9. Furry
    10. Grooved
  • Skills developed:
    • Language: children learn how to identify the different textures of Ruff’s bones
    • Fine Motor: fine motor skills are encouraged and practiced by grasping, exploring, and manipulating the different textured bones
    • Math: helps practice counting and colors.  Example: Ruff has 20 bones.  How many does he have left if he hides 3 inside of Ruff’s House?

Ruff’s House Teaching Tactile Set can be found here.

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