EZ Sox Seamless-Toe Socks with Pull Loops

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about the One, Two, Tie My Shoe Kit.  This Kit offers a fun, simple way to teach children how to tie their shoes.  But what comes before shoes?  Socks, of course!  If your child can’t pull on their own socks or stand the toe seam found in traditional socks, check out what EZ Sox has to offer.

The “I Can Do It” Socks by EZ Sox are the first training socks available for children.  As I stated in the shoe tying blog, it’s important for children to learn to dress themselves.  Doing so encourages self-confidence, independence, and much more!  However, learning to put one’s own socks on can be just as challenging as tying shoes.  This is where these socks come in!

EZ Sox

EZ Sox’s philosophy is as follows:

EZ Sox are fun learning socks for children and a helpful teaching tool for parents.  Our goal is that every little person can put their socks on with ease, each and every time.

Features of EZ Sox:

  • Easy pull-up loops give little fingers a better grip to pull up socks
  • Seamless toes for comfort
  • Non-skid grippers on bottom of socks to keep children from sliding on slippery surfaces
  • Animal/character print is on top so children know when they are on correctly
  • Made of 80% cotton, 17% polyester, 3% spandex
  • Available in multiple sizes:
    • Small for ages 2-3 years
    • Medium for ages 3-5 years
    • Large for ages 6-9 years

Visit Amazon or EZ Sox’s website for more information.

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