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I haven’t written about weighted products for quite some time, so I’d like to revisit the topic in today’s post.  Weighted products provide deep touch pressure sensations through the user’s nervous system.  They benefit individuals with autism, ADHD, sensory issues, anxiety, and so much more.  Calming Hugs is a company offering many weighted sensory solutions that are both functional and stylish!

Calming Hugs was created when a mother needed to design a weighted vest for her son with autism.  Many vests available on the market were bulky with silly designs on them.  She wanted her son to “just be one of the boys” and blend in, but still be able to wear a weighted vest.  Thus, Calming Hugs Stylish Sensory Solutions was born!

The company began by creating a functional, fashionable vest.  Now, they’ve expanded and offer a plethora of weighted products to suit every individual’s unique needs.  The following list is only a handful of their available products.

Prior to viewing the list, please review the website’s disclaimer:

“Weighted products should be used under the direction and advice of a healthcare professional or licensed therapist and should be worn while under adult supervision.

The designers and manufacturers of the Calming Hugs products are not physicians and do not intend to provide healthcare services. Calming Hugs does not provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, opinion, treatment, products, or services.  This Website, the information referenced herein and the Products offered for purchase to do not constitute an attempt to practice medicine.  Your use of the Website or purchase of products does not establish a doctor-patient relationship between you and Calming Hugs or its employees.”

5 Sensory Solutions from Calming Hugs:

The following is only a handful of available products from Calming Hugs.  To view their complete catalog, be sure to check out their website.

1. Hug Vest:

Up first on the list is, of course, the company’s original stylish hug vest.  The Hug Vest is made out durable, quality denim.  It includes a hidden wrap-around inside pocket to allow users to move the steel pellet hug weights around.


  • Weights are removable so you can wash the vest
  • Standard denim vest includes 2 pounds of weight
    • If child is in between sizes, the company recommends ordering a bigger size to allow for growth
  • The bigger the size, the more the weight;
    • Sizes vary from 4-5 Extra Small (2 pounds) to Adult 3XL (10 pounds)
  • More weight may need to be added depending on child’s needs
  • Can add on fun patches for an additional $15; options include football, baseball, soccer ball, or megaphone
2. Hug Fidget Friend:

A fidget – imagine that!  Of course, I had to add this to today’s list!  The Hug Fidget Friend is a great way to keep active hands busy.  It’s made from “luxurious fabric” which is sensory-friendly and super soft.  The front is made out of the durable denim the vest is made out of, but you can choose the fabric you’d like on the back.


  • Filled with 2 pounds of plastic pellets
  • You can choose which chenille patch and sensory fabric you’d like
  • Designers will select ribbons to coordinate with the color and patch options selected
3. Hug Pet:

Looking for a weighted shoulder wrap?  Check out the Hug Pet!  The Hug Pet is a unique weighted friend for your child’s shoulders.  It’s great to bring along on car rides and feels great to curl up on the wearer’s lap, too!


  • Available in 2 pounds (44 inches long) or 4 pounds (48 inches long)
  • Made of durable denim
  • Customizable with your choice of sensory fabric:
    • Blue Rosette (soft, luxurious fabric)
    • Red Rosette
    • Orange Minky Dots (soft, luxurious fabric with raised dots)
    • Lime Green Minky Dots
    • Yellow Minky Dots
4. Hug Lap Pad:

The Hug Lap Pad is a durable weighted lap pad featuring a calming sensory square.  Most of the pad is made out of the company’s durable denim, but the sensory square is customizable.


  • Made of durable denim, with choice of fabric for sensory square
  • Available in 2 or 4 pounds
  • Approximately 17 inches long by 11 inches wide
  • Calming square is available in variety of bright, tactile options
  • Portable for use at school, traveling, or at home
5. Hug Splat:

Hug Splat was designed by Dominic, a child with autism.  It is an “amazing weighted friend that provides sensory comfort.”  If your child is looking for a weighted companion, Splat is a super soft, cuddly option.


  • Hug Splat is made out of your choice of super soft premium fabric and enhanced with white minky dot accents
  • Contains 2 pounds of weight
  • Cute, cuddly creature designed to help calm children anywhere, anytime

Click here to learn more about Calming Hugs Sensory Integration Solutions!

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