5 Cause and Effect Switch Apps

We talk about capability switches all the time here at the INDATA Project.  These assistive technology solutions help those with physical limitations activate items in their environment.  Depending on the switch, users are able to activate lights, music, tablets, and more.  If your child or student is learning how to use a switch, a great way to practice is through cause and effect apps.

The following list offers only a handful of switch-compatible apps.  To view another list of Cause and Effect apps, click here!

5 Cause and Effect Switch Apps:

1. Mobile Cell Phone:

Mobile Cell Phone is a simple sequential story activity that encourages language development.  “It’s a nice day for a picnic, let’s call a friend.  But what happens when it starts to rain?”  Users can touch the screen or press the switch to select their answer.


  • Early story sequencing
  • Provides lots of opportunities for relevant language input
  • Uncluttered, bold graphics
  • Simple access – touch the screen or press a switch to play
  • Switch access for one switch is included
    • Switches can be connected via Bluetooth switch interface
2. Bumper Cars:

Bumper Cars is a fun game that encourages targeting or the development of using two switches.  Users can either touch the bumper cars on the screen or press one of their switches.  The objective is to knock the other car off the screen!


  • Clear bright graphics on a dark screen make it ideal for those with visual impairments
  • Can be used by one player to explore touch or two-switch use
  • Encourages turn taking
  • Teaches counting up to 10
  • Errorless fun
3. Catch the Cow:

Catch the Cow is an ideal app for children with higher level switch skills.  This app teaches students how to activate an app using visual scanning.  It allows teachers, clinicians, and parents to assess whether a user can learn beginning skills for choice making through auto-scanning.


  • Large on-screen button for selection
  • Bluetooth switch compatible
  • Runs on both iPhone and iPad
  • Direct touch can also be used
  • Initially, the user selects one of two squares
    • Next, the level fo difficulty gradually increases to select a picture from multiple rows and columns
4. Big Trucks:

Big Trucks is a simple touch or two-switch accessible game featuring a range of vehicles like trucks, fire engines, diggers, etc.  The screen features two large clear images of vehicles, each featuring two different animations.  The activity offers many opportunities for language development, discussion, taking turns, and more.


  • Two large, clear, easy to touch targets
  • Once the target is touched, it’ll animate instantly
  • Bright graphics on a black background make it ideal for those with visual impairments
  • Errorless, two-switch access
5. RadSounds:

Looking for an app that teaches cause and effect with fun music?  RadSounds features fun dancing and music to encourage switch use.  Users can customize the playlist by recording or singing new music on the iPad, importing from the music library, or use included songs.


  • Switch compatibility allows switch users to select favorite songs
  • Multiple modes:
    • Momentary Mode: music plays while finger is on switch or iPad
    • Timed Mode: music plays for specific amount of time
    • Advanced Mode: user chooses songs by cycling through their playlist
  • Developer of the app also offers several switch options

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