Let’s Expand Vocabulary App

Let’s Expand Vocabulary is an app for children with speech and language difficulties.  It is also tailored to support children learning English as a second language.

Let's expand vocabulary app

The app uses 4 exciting mini-games to encourage the development of specific strategies in children “who find it difficult to access the wide range of vocabulary they have stored in their heads.”  This “language difficulty” can impact one’s fluency, confidence, and overall academic skills.

The 4 mini-activities are:

  1. Odd One Out
  2. Matching Pairs
  3. Categorization
  4. Add Another One

The team behind the app is made up of a speech-language therapist, a graphic designer, web designer, and software developer.  According to their website, their mission is:

We are passionate about keeping the games smart, simple, colourful and fun.  We want to engage children and parents in vocabulary led play.

Let’s Expand Vocabulary Features:

  • Works on developing and practicing retrieval skills to benefit one’s overall literacy
  • Built-in parental controls allow parents to:
    • Adjust the difficulty of activities
    • Add downloadable packs as their child progresses
    • Monitor their child’s progress
  • Music can be muted
  • Finn the Bird explains all the games
  • Rewards are given after 5 correct answers
  • Choose between different voices:
    • American
    • Northern Irish
    • British
    • Voice of a Child

Click here to learn more about Let’s Expand Vocabulary!

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