LooPo Seat Belt Tension Adjuster

I have been driving independently off and on for the past 7 years.  In order to drive independently, I require high-tech hand controls for steering, accelerating, and braking.  One of the lower tech items that helps me tremendously is the LooPo Seat Belt Tension Adjuster.

LooPo easily attaches to the top third of the seat belt and provides enough slack for me to pull up safely into my seat belt.  The seat belt is too constricting around my neck without LooPo.  It can benefit others who also experience discomfort around the neck and more.

loopo seat belt tension adjuster

According to the company’s website, “The product does not interfere with the seat belt’s function during an accident as seat belts respond to gravity pull, which supersedes the small amount of slack.”

Features of LooPo Seat Belt Tension Adjuster:

  • Simple device made with injected plastic measuring 2¾” by ¼” and slides directly on user’s seat belt
  • Red control level allows the user to create enough slack on his or her seat belt to provide comfort without compromising safety
  • Made in Miami, Floria
  • Allows seat belt to operate normally
  • Adjustable for all individuals
  • Fits on standard and automatic seat belts
  • Keeps with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration slack guidelines for seat belts

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