INDATA Project Survey

Did you know the INDATA Project offers one of the largest collections of podcast audio, YouTube video, and blog content that focuses on assistive technology?

The content currently lives on a variety of platforms (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.)  As of right now, the content is largely untagged and unorganized.  We are working on getting this collection together under a webpage called “The Accessibility Channel.”

The idea behind putting all our content on The Accessibility Channel is to make each piece of content easily searchable and more organized.

This is where we need YOUR help.  If you could please take a few moments to take the following survey, we would greatly appreciate it.  The survey will help our team redesign The Accessibility Channel so it can better suit the needs of our audience.  Thanks so much in advance!

Click here to view the INDATA Project survey.

In case you didn’t know, the INDATA Project also offers:

  • Device demos statewide
  • 30-day equipment loans (2500+ items in the lending library)
  • Alternative Financing Program: Low-interest, extended term loans for assistive technology
  • Refurbished computer donations across the state

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