Tony Faucett – Volunteer of the Year

In addition to our blogs, podcasts, and equipment lending library, the INDATA Project also offers a device reutilization program through the INDATA Depot.  The program takes donated equipment (laptops, computers, CCTVs, etc.) and refurbishes them to give away to Hoosiers with disabilities.  Volunteers play a big role in refurbishing this equipment.  The INDATA Project would like to recognize one of these volunteers, Tony Faucett, as Volunteer of the Year.

Tony Faucett Volunteer

Faucett has been volunteering with the Depot for nearly 4 years.  He volunteers a couple times a week to help wipe computers.  Windows 10 is installed after the hard drives are wiped.  When asked what he loves about volunteering at the Depot, Faucett replied, “I love the feeling of helping people by donating computers.”

Alvin Alviar, ReUse Coordinator said:

Tony is more than just a volunteer for us at the INDATA Depot.  He is a network engineer, a computer tech ninja, a fellow gastronome, and best of all, a great fellow to work with.  He not only shares his time, talent, and resources, but more importantly, his passion for our mission. Tony has made his mark on every aspect of our program operation. On so many occasions, when quick decisions have to be made and Tony is around, I turn to him for wisdom and advice, whether it be about team member issues, or computer issues, or choices to go for lunch.  Because Tony has been volunteering with us for a long time and has vast industry experience, we also welcome him to train and mentor new volunteers.

Faucett INDATA Depot Volunteer
How to become a volunteer:
  1. Visit
  2. Hover your mouse over Get Involved
  3. Select VOLUNTEER
  4. Scroll down to the third paragraph and click the link for Online Volunteer Application
  5. Fill out application
  6. List “INDATA Depot” in the Preference section of application

Please email Alvin Alviar at if you have any questions.

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