Ditto Clear Bluetooth Vibrating Cell Phone Signaler

Do you or a loved one have a hard time hearing your cell phone ring?  Do you often miss emails, calls, or texts because you can’t hear it?  The Ditto Clear Bluetooth Vibrating Cell Phone Signaler may be just the solution for you!

The Ditto is a tiny, discreet clip that vibrates whenever you receive an important call, text or email message.  Notifications are fully customizable through the Wear Ditto app so you won’t be bothered by every single phone call or message.

Features of Ditto:

  • Simple, discreet wearable that makes sure you never miss another important phone call or message
  • Customizable through the Wear Ditto app.  The app allows users (on both Android and iOS devices) to:
    • Choose to only be notified by your favorite contacts
    • Set alarms for wake-ups, medication, kitchen timers and more
    • Set unique vibration patterns for each notification
    • Be notified when they’re out of range from their phone
  • About as tall as a quarter
  • 50-100 ft range
  • Waterproof so users can wear it in the shower or while swimming
  • Silent alarm wakes you but not your partner
  • Comes with sturdy and comfortable wristband
  • No need to charge – replaceable CR1632 battery included which lasts from 3-6 months

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  1. Bluetooth controlled vibrators are also wireless, but only over small distances. They’re ideal if your partner is just around, in the other room, or when in public places together and want to engage in something naughty but discreet.

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