Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog

According to Learning Resources, “Through practice and repetition, children can develop their fine motor skills to help refine movements and hone precision.  Fine motor skills allow children to perform actions with the small muscles in the hands, fingers, and wrists.”  If you’re looking for a toy to practice fine motor skills on, look no further than Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog.  spike the fine motor hedgehogSpike the Fine Motor Hedgehog helps children build hand muscles and fine motor skills as they hurry to replace the chunky, peg-shaped quills within the holes on the hedgehog’s back.  Children can arrange the quills by warm or cool colors, work on sequences and patterns by alternating colors, or count up the quills with the help of numbers printed on the hedgehog’s back.

Features of Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog:

  • Great for practicing fine motor skills, counting, sorting, or color identification skills
  • Easy to clean up: each piece is easily wiped clean and the quills stow securely inside the hedgehog’s body
  • Easy-to-grasp quills are just the right size for little hands to hold
  • Age 18 months and up
  • Grade PreK+

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