Stimulate Your Mind with Brain Games

We’re finishing up our focus on assistive technology and tools to help increase your attention and concentration with this last article covering brain games. Whether you’re on a desktop monitor, laptop or mobile phone, these games can get you stimulated and keep your brain sharp.

Any game even somewhat challenging “trains” the brain to learn something new. It’s introducing material you may never have seen or thought of before and bringing it to the forefront of your mind. These games are designed to strengthen cognitive skills, from retaining information to being able to pay attention better in different scenarios. Adults and children who have working memory deficits can benefit from these games to keep their brain active the entire time without dosing off or thinking of something else.

The use of technology to enhance learning is an effective approach for many children and adults alike. People with learning disabilities often experience greater success when they are allowed to use their strengths to work through their challenges.

If you’ve been looking for a way to inspire your mind, check out these three websites or log onto their apps, and get those brain juices flowing.

Elevate-Brain Training App | iOS and Android | Free w/ In-App Purchases

Elevate Brain Game App







  • Named Apple’s “App of the Year”
  • 40 + games for critical thinking, focus, memory, processing, math, precision and comprehension
  • Detailed performance tracking
  • Personalized daily workouts that include skills you need most
  • Adaptive difficulty progression to keep your experience challenging
  • Workout calendar to help you track your streaks and stay motivated

CogniFit | iOS and Android | Free w/ In-App Purchases

CogniFit Brain Game App







  • Mental agility games
  • Learning and educational games for kids
  • Specific exercises for kids with learning disabilities
  • Parkinson’s, insomnia, depression tests
  • Challenges to train and improve attention and concentration

Identifor | iOS and Android | Free w/ In-App Purchases

Identifor Brain Game App







  • Casual games to engage players of all intelligence
  • Provides parents, educators or clinicians insights to a person’s abilities, skills and interests
  • Creates educational/vocational plans for each individual
  • 40 specialized games to choose from
  • Provides dashboards for different cognitive abilities and the best games to improve on skills the player may struggle with