Beddit 3 Smart Sleep Monitor

There are several sleep monitors available on the market.  One example of available non-wearable monitors is the Beddit 3 Smart Sleep Monitor.  The Beddit 3 Smart Sleep Monitor is a dedicated sleep tracker which consists of an unobtrusive thin strip that lies under your bedsheet to track your sleep.

The Beddit 3 Smart Sleep Monitor works with an [iOS] app on your smartphone.  It tracks a wide range of interesting sleep information including snoring, bedroom temperature, and humidity.

beddit 3 sleep monitor

The Beddit 3 is ideal as it helps you learn why you sleep well and why you don’t.  The app provides personal insights you need to make good sleep a habit.  According to their website, “Better sleep starts by knowing what’s happening at night.”

Features of Beddit 3 Smart Sleep Monitor:

  • Tracks lots of different data:
    • Breathing
    • Heart rate
    • Snoring
    • How much time you’ve been asleep or restless, as well as how many times you’ve been out of bed
    • Bedroom humidity and temperature
  • The measuring strip is so thin you won’t feel it when it’s placed under sheet or mattress protector
  • Automatically senses when you go to bed and try to sleep
  • The smart alarm wakes you up at the best point in your sleep cycle

Click here to learn more about the Beddit app.

Click here to learn more about the Beddit 3 Sleep Monitor.


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