InnerVoice Communication App

InnerVoice Communication is a “thoroughly researched, award-winning communication app for children with autism that teaches social communication skills, using engaging animated 3-D avatars of themselves, characters, or favorite toys.”innervoice communication app logoUsers can choose an avatar from a library of faces, a photo of themselves, or one of their favorite characters – and watch them come to life in the app!  Watching a face that the learner connects with helps increase engagement and imitation.

Features of InnerVoice Communication App:

  • Share: avatar will delivery any message to friends, family, or social media
  • Speak: tap the mouth or speech bubble and hear the avatar say words aloud
  • See Yourself: users can take a photo of themselves, a toy, or a drawing, and watch it come to life
  • Move: add actions to any button to represent verbs, emotions, and concepts; use GIFs by Giphy,  Apple slow-motion videos, and more
  • Watch: the avatar’s words scroll across the screen in sync with its speech, allowing users to see the connection between written and spoken language
  • Emote: make facial expressions on avatar’s face to express happiness, sadness, or anger
  • Customize: create new buttons and edit layouts with ease, using photos, videos, GIFS, or SmartySymbols
  • Save Your Work: users can ensure that all customizations are safe from accidental deletions or crashes

Check it out on the App Store to learn more!