Exploring Intag: The World’s Only Global Speech Interface

For those with repetitive strain injuries, limited or no hand use, difficulty memorizing commands or little time to train on more difficult speech control software, the new Intag Speech Interface is priceless.

By breaking down the barriers of accessibility online, this easy-to-use interface allows users to control more applications, programs and surf the internet like never before. Switching between touchpad or mouse control to speech control used to be a difficult task — but this interface gives users the freedom to control their computers however is most comfortable to them.

Intag interface

Users get to tell their computers what to do without having to point or click on several commands for one simple task. You simply say the number of the application, menu, control or link you wish to access. This is helpful since once the user learns how to control one application with Intag – they’ve learned to control them all.

With other speech programs like Dragon, you need to learn hundreds of commands to control your computer, and it can take hours to learn and memorize. Intag numbers Window and application controls, and all Intag commands are customizable — making even complex and previously inaccessible applications and websites fully accessible.

Intag interface screenThe Intag Speech Interface features:

  • The ability to switch easily between application windows
  • Customizable commands
  • Accessibility to Gmail, Google Drive and websites with Google Chrome extensions
  • PDF forms Intagged, providing fast access
  • The ability to create your own Intags for inaccessible windows and applications

Without Intag, Dragon users are unable to control many of their programs by voice unless they use hundreds of cumbersome commands or use Dragon’s slower mouse commands. Some Intag overlays (also known as My Intags) let a user create numbered tags over static objects on a program page or window, making it easy to use with voice command which, in turn, requires no scripting.

Stop letting complicated, expensive or inadequate ergonomic technology and equipment keep you from having the freedom to use your computer without pain.

For more information and details about the Intag Speech Interface, visit http://voicecomputer.com/intags-speech-interface-makes-dragon-accessible-simplicity/.

Learn more in this video!

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