Tobii Dynavox Speech Case

Tobii Dynavox is the business unit within Tobii Group where they help “individuals with different physical and cognitive limitations live richer and more independent lives.”  The company offers several augmentative and alternative (AAC) devices and accessories.  One of the company’s available devices is the Tobii Dynavox Speech Case for the iPad.

tobii dynavox speech case for ipad

The Tobii Dynavox Speech Case transforms your iPad into a “true AAC device.”  Many individuals are already familiar with the iOS interface and are most comfortable with it.  The Speech Case allows users to continue using their iOS device an AAC device.

Features of Tobii Dynavox Speech Case:

  • Durable yet lightweight design
  • Powerful, integrated, outward facing speakers provide AAC quality speech output from the user’s iPad
  • Comes with built-in strap, handle, and mounting plate holes to adapt to your lifestyle
  • If you already have an iPad, you . can purchase the Speech Case or Speech Case Pro alone, or bundle with Snap + Core First
  • Speech Case: Compatible with 9.7″ 5th and 6th generation iPad
  • Speech Case Pro: Compatible with 12.9″ 2nd generation iPad Pro
  • Available in three different colors:
    • Teal Blue
    • Steel Gray
    • Raspberry

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